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Lee ([personal profile] infectiousirony) wrote2009-05-06 12:47 am

Dreaming a fresh start.

In light of my admission to dreamwidth, I have cleared all of my livejournal entries (once again) and plan to crossover most of my posts. I am only doing this for two reasons: 1) Most people on my livejournal list are not on dreamwidth and 2) There are quite a lot of limitations still in place with  dreamwidth that will hopefully change. I HAVE applied for invites though, but if I do get them I already know who I will ask to accept them. If these people turn down the invitations I will leave them up for grabs : ) OH! My dreamwidth account = infectiousirony : )

I am going to do a friend and community clearout on my livejournal. Please do not be offended if I remove you - it just makes reading through friends pages so much easier! However, as a new change I shall be keeping most of my entries public, so feel free to continue 'watching' me if you don't hate me after I delete you :P

I have a couple of entries lined up. One is not so pleasant and the other is just a list for me to refer to and may be of no interest to you all, but either way I want to put them both here soon and I promise to do a proper, personal entry soon.

Welcome to my fresh start.

- Lee